25 Off The Wall Facts about France

So you think you know a thing or two about France?

Like the capital is Paris, it’s called The hexagon and the president is … yeah, who is the president of France?

According to some sites I’ve looked at, the French eat kilos of snails and frog’s legs a year, wine is free in restaurants, beer is a luxury drink and we never get ice-cold water in a restaurant as refrigeration is too expensive (#WTF?)

Anyway, did you know that there are villages and towns that, frankly in other languages may make some giggle or blush … a bit.

Did you know that there are several places called Ars (yes it’s pronounced as you think), another called Anus in the Yonne departement, another called Anal in Gensac-sur-Garonne, a village called Pussy in Savoie, Condom in the Gers, and many more in French that mean weird things in French too.

Did you know that it is still illegal to kiss someone in a railway station in France?

It is illegal to take a picture of a policeman or their vehicles?

That the Romans invented the beret?

Croissants were invented in Vienna? (It is still called Viennoiserie in French).

Anyway – enough of all of that, let’s have a look at some more trivia about France with our 25 Off The Wall Facts about France quiz.


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