Travel – Charles Couchsurfing

Travel – Charles Couchsurfing

Travel – Charles Couchsurfing

Listen to Charles talk about his experiences of travelling and couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing International Inc. is a hospitality exchange and social networking website.

The website provides a platform for members to “surf” on couches by staying as a guest at a host’s home, host travelers, or join an event.

J’irai dormir à Hollywood – A French documentary, in English, where the main ‘star’ spontaneously asks people to put him up in their homes.


Holiday Quiz

Holiday Quiz

Holiday Quiz

Learn English vocabulary with this Holiday Quiz.

Are you ready for your holiday break ?

Have you ever wondered about the history of holidays ? Well, this quiz will answer some of those questions?

What is the difference between a holiday and a vacation ? This quiz will explain !

Do you think you have enough holiday time ? Do you know of a country where there is no legal holiday entitlement ? This quiz will put you in the picture.

Do you prefer a relaxing beach destination, an inspiring  mountain break, a sleepy countryside holiday or a bustling  city break ?  Whatever your choice this quiz will provide you with useful vocabulary and surprising general knowledge. 

Holiday Quiz

July and August are all about holidays. Try this quiz to see if you are ready for yours !

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