Anesthesiologist Olivier

Anesthesiologist Olivier

Listen to Olivier talking about his job as an anesthesiologist.

An anesthesiologist (American English) or anaesthetist (British English) is a physician trained in anesthesia and perioperative medicine.

Terminology varies between different countries.

In the United States, the term anesthesiologist refers to a physician who has completed an accredited residency program in anesthesiology after medical school training, while the term anesthetist is used for nurse anesthesia providers who have undergone specialized training in administering anesthesia under the supervision of a physician.

By contrast, in the UK, most former Commonwealth countries and in Europe, the term anaesthetist refers only to physicians, who may be assisted by any of anaesthetic nurses, anaesthetic technicians, operating department practitioners or physician associates depending on local practice.

Anesthesiologists provide medical care to patients in a wide variety of (usually acute) situations, including preoperative evaluation, consultation with the surgical team, creation of a plan for the anesthesia tailored to each individual patient, airway management, intraoperative life support and provision of pain control, intraoperative diagnostic stabilisation, proper post-operative management of patients.

Outside the operating room, anesthesiologists spectrum of action includes with in-hospital and pre-hospital emergencies, intensive care units, acute pain units and chronic pain consultations.

Because anesthesiologists are physicians, in contrast to other anesthesia providers, they are able to utilize their extensive knowledge of physiology, pharmacology and diseases to guide their decision making.

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