Are you an Olympics Mastermind?

Are you an Olympics Mastermind?

Are you an Olympics Mastermind? The Rio Olympics are over, as we look forward to the Paralympics, we thought that our readers may like to try their hand at our last RIO olympics quiz of 2016.

Welcome to your Are you an Olympics mastermind?

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During the spectacular opening ceremony who lit the Olympic cauldron?

Day 1: Who won the first gold medal of the Games ?

Day 2: Oksana Chusovitina representing Ouzbékistan competed in her 7th Olympic Games. In which sport?

Day 3: Lilly King (USA) wagged her finger after winning the Women's 100m breaststroke competition. Why did she do that?

Day 4: What unexpected event occured in the Women's 10m synchronized diving competition ? 

Day 5: The Olympic flag was raised and the Olympic anthem was played for a gold medalist competing as an independent. In which sport did this happen?

Day 6: Which team won the first ever Rugby sevens competition in an Olympics and also won their country's first ever gold medal?

Day 7: Michel Phelps, winner of 23 gold medals, swam in the 100m Butterfly and came second. How many Olympic silver medals does he have?

Day 8: Golf returned to the Olympics after a break of 112 years. Who won the tournament?

Day 9: The super star of the Games, Usain Bolt, won the 100m. What was his winning time?

Day 10: Valegro won gold in which event?

Day 11: The last 2 competitors in a heat of the women's 5,000m were allowed to take part in the final. How come?

Day 12: In which event did the American women in the picture achieve a clean sweep of the medals?

Day 13: Which team got gold in the iconic women's beach volley competition on Copacabana beach?

Day 14: Usain Bolt won again ! How has his historic number of gold medal wins become known as ?

Day 15: In which sport were Brazilians absolutely ecstatic with their country's gold medal?

Day 16: We all know that the USA finished top of the medal table but which team was second?

Closing ceremony: Brazil passed the Olympic flag over to the next Olympic hosts. Where will the 2020 Games be held?

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