Living in a country as an expat is always an interesting experience. 

Listen to Chris and his guest Renu talk about their life living in France and India.

As a language learner listen out for what they say about these aspects:

Having dual nationality

Visa requirements to visit the UK as a British nationality  

Buying property as a non national. Listen out for the term “Overseas Citizen of India”.

Healthcare rights. Listen out for the expression “you”re on your own”.

Retirement rights


Marriage and divorce


Then listen out more carefully for these expressions:

Renu says “you have to jump through lots of hurdles”. What does she mean? Why  does she say this?

She talks about a loop hole. What is this ?

Renu says that her two countries are “oceans apart”. What does this image imply?

Chris says that something about France used “to get on his nerves” and he “couldn’t handle it”. What was he talking about?




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