Book signing in Toulouse

Book Signing in Toulouse

Book signing is popular because an author’s signature increases the value of books for collectors.

The author may add a short message to the reader, called a dedication, to each book, which may be personalized with the recipient’s name upon request.

A simple author’s signature without a dedication is typically more valuable to collectors (exceptions include inscriptions to persons of note, e.g., from Hemingway to Fitzgerald, or to persons of significance in the author’s life).

Sometimes an author will sign additional copies for future sale.

An additional advantage to authors for doing this is that once a book has been signed, it cannot be returned to the publisher for a refund.

Many authors today spend a great deal of time signing their books, and sign many thousands of copies.

For example, James Ellroy is known for signing every copy of the 65,000 strong first run of My Dark Places

Listen to Sue as she interviews people in a bookstore in Toulouse, where the author is signing copies of his book.

If you have written, or are writing a book, here are 35 ways to make your next book signing an event.

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