Welcome to The Brainy Global News Challenge 7 October 2017

Test your knowledge of English vocabulary with this quiz about the events of this week. 

This quiz is designed to go beyond the usual type of news questions and challenge your general knowledge and depth of current vocabulary.

GEOGRAPHY: This week saw a tumultuous referendum in Catalonia. The region voted to gain independence from Spain. Where exactly is the region of Catalonia?

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: The American football superstar from the 1980s, O.J. Simpson,  was released on parole this week after serving 9 years of a 33 year sentence for armed robbery.

His first trial in 1994 was followed on TV by a captivated global audience of more than 150 million viewers and finally after an 8 month trial he was found not guilty. What was this first charge against him?

CINEMA:  This week saw the release of the cult film, Blade Runner 2049. This is the sequel to the first film which was released 35 years ago. Calculate the exact year.

AMERICAN CONSTITUTION: In the wake of the shocking shooting in Las Vegas, anti-gun control supporters cited the 2nd Amendment to justify their rights to own guns. What does the 2nd amendment actually say?

SOCIETY: The French government passed a ground breaking law concerning body image in advertising. What was it ? 

...AND THE WINNER IS ...: This week the Nobel prizes for physics, medicine, literature and peace were awarded. All the awards, except the peace prize, are awarded by the Swedish Nobel Committee. Where is the peace prize awarded from?

R.I.P. This week the American singer/songwriter Tom Petty died suddenly at the age of 66. What was the name of his group?

BLACK CABS TURN GREEN : This headline appeared in the press this week. What does it refer to ?

MEDICINE: This week the anti-flu vaccination has been available across Europe. What are the classic symptoms of flu?

ENVIRONMENT: This week the Our Oceans Conference was held in Malta. Check out the website: https://ourocean2017.org.

World leaders and experts in ocean pollution raised the urgent issue of the deteriorating quality of the seas and marine life due to plastic pollution.

It takes about 450 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade on land. What happens to plastics in water?

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