Brexit - Independence Day or Divided Kingdom?

Brexit – Independence Day or Divided Kingdom?

Brexit – Independence Day or Divided Kingdom? The United Kingdom emerges from the polls with an overwhelming decision to leave the European Union with a majority of 51.9% to leave agains a 48.1% vote to remain in The EU.

The fallout has already started with the decision by David Cameron to resign as British Prime Minister, the Pound hitting a low that has not been seen since 1985.

There is a lot of speculation on what exactly will happen, including the possibility that both Scotland and Northern Ireland could vote to leave the United Kingdom, that Boris Johnson could become the next Prime Minister of Great Britain and that a General Election could be triggered.

Then there is the more long-term source of uncertainty: what would Brexit mean for Britons on the continent?

As the Leave and Remain campaigns have traded lurid claims, the practical implications for the hundreds of thousands of expats in other EU states have been largely ignored.

The Leave campaign, in particular, belittles them and their livelihoods with its assertions  that they “have nothing to fear” from Britain leaving the EU.

NB – There is a mistake in the podcast (perhaps more than one) did you notice it?

We said that Scotland unanimously voted to leave the EU, whereas EVERY one of Scotland’s 32 areas voted to Remain within the EU.


The UK has voted to leave The E.U. - is this a good thing for them and for Europe?

Yes, it is good.
1 Vote
No, it is not good.
5 Vote


Welcome to the world after Brexit: Here’s what happens next

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