Business process improvement (BPI)

Listen to Omar, from a leading airline based in Abu Dhabi do a presentation about Business Process Improvement in his company, including :

  • His roles in Business Process Improvement
  • The objectives of BPI in his company
  • How they have implemented BPI
  • New ideas that they are exploring to improve employee participation in BPI

Until recently, cost-cutting was seen as the biggest benefit – and in some cases the only significant benefit of outsourcing business processes.

Now, as the global economy improves, airlines are far more interested in how outsourcing core services such as revenue accounting, cargo operations, customer relationship management, and loyalty programs can improve efficiencies and open new, sustainable revenue streams.

Business Process Improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. The methodology was first documented in H. James Harrington’s 1991 book Business Process Improvement.

It is the methodology that both Process Redesign and Business Process Reengineering are based upon. BPI has allegedly been responsible for reducing cost and cycle time by as much as 90% while improving quality by over 60%.

Process improvement is an aspect of organizational development (OD) in which a series of actions are taken by a process owner to identify, analyze and improve existing business processes within an organisation to meet new goals and objectives, such as increasing profits and performance, reducing costs and accelerating schedules.

These actions often follow a specific methodology or strategy to increase the likelihood of successful results.

Process improvement may include the restructuring of company training programs to increase their effectiveness.

Process improvement is also a method to introduce process changes to improve the quality of a product or service, to better match customer and consumer needs.

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