Do you remember 2022?

Do you remember 2022?

What were you doing in 2022? Can you remember some of the events that made an impact in the world?

Test your memory and your vocabulary with this quiz.

From the team at we wish you a happy and successful 2023.  

How well do you remember 2022?


Christmas far from the North Pole

Christmas far from the North Pole

Is it possible to get in to the Christmas spirit thousands of miles away from Lapland ???

In this Vblog Chris and Sue take you on a fun trip around Toulouse to soak up the Christmas atmosphere in South West France. There are only blue skies, no snow in sight but a lot of French cheese, cakes, chocolate, Canadian whisky and even a Christmas flamingo !!

You’ll see how Sue tries to get Chris into the Christmas spirit in a city a far, far away from Santa’s grotto. 

What do you think, is Christmas too commercial or just an excuse to have some fun in winter?

Click here to go to Two Frogs Travel YouTube channel and see beautiful Toulouse at Christmas.

Wherever you are in the world, hot or snowy climes we wish you a very Happy Christmas!



Who Said What in 2020?

Who Said What in 2020?

What a year it’s been ! Only one subject dominated our lives, so not much meat for an end of year quiz !

So this year here at english-podcasts we’ve focused on what people said.

Which sentence sums up your year ? For Sue, it’s “What’s Zoom ?” !!! For Chris, it’s… “You are on mute …”

Here’s hoping for a better 2021 !

Quotes of 2020

Happy New Year in a Parallel Universe

Happy New Year in a Parallel Universe

It’s New Year’s eve 2020 or is it 2021?

Chris meets Sue at a New Year’s party, but once again they are in a parallel universe – this happens so often to these two …

Sue is at 31 December 2019 and Chris is at 31 December 2020, so Chris has lived through 2020 and it is all to come for Sue.

Sue is all excited about the coming year with lots of plans and projects that she can’t wait to start, but Chris, who has lived through 2020, thinks that it may turn out a little different to what she wants.

Listen out for the following expressions :

To fit something in

To be on the cards

To cut down on something

To be likely

To be unlikely

To look forward to something.

What about?

Fancy dress party.

A fist bump.

The Thinking Person’s Quiz of 2019

The Thinking Person’s Quiz of 2019

The Thinking Person’s Quiz of 2019

And so the year draws to an end…. and so does the decade !

We are constantly bombarded with news and social media events but how much can you actually remember?

This quiz takes a different angle on the traditional end of year quizzes……. we’re sure you know the answer to the straight forward questions but this Thinking Person’s Quiz goes beyond the surface and calls on your wider general knowledge skills, using mathematics, logic, history and of course English vocabulary !

This quiz covers geography, mathematics, English language, history, science, astronomy,  chemistry ….. in short, its the total Thinking Person’s Quiz and a great way to improve your general vocabulary.

If you are a teacher, or if you are doing this quiz with a friend, take your time to discus the events, give your opinion and reminisce about the events.

We wish all our learners a happy, positive and successful 2020.

The Thinking Person’s Quiz of the Year 2019



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