The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Quiz

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Quiz

What is a Platinum Jubilee ?

It’s a celebration to mark 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

She was crowned Queen in 1958 at the age of 27 and now she is 97 years old. 

Buying and Selling on-line

Buying and Selling on-line

Have you ever sold anything online? In recent years it has become part of our everyday life. The internet is full of sites specializing in selling second-hand items from houses, to cars, to handbags, to children’s toys.

Listen as Sue asks Chris about his experience.

Listen out for these key words and expressions. This podcast is bursting with everyday useful vocabulary.

Time wasters

Secure payment



You need your wits about you.

Do the benefits outweigh he pitfalls?

To knock someone down  – to knock a bit off

To be above board

To be messed about.

To be in awe of someone

To be on your guard


Euros 2020: Football and Racism

Euros 2020: Football and Racism

Did you watch the Euros 2020? Are you a football fan? What did you think about the backlash against the losing finalists, England, and in particular the 3 players who missed the crucial penalties?

In this podcast Sue caught up with Dave, a West Ham supporter, who gives his opinion about the football and the harsh criticism that the players received, and also Victoria who runs an equality blog on Instagram, Feminists of Reading.

As a langage learner tune your ear to Dave’s London accent. Also listen out for these expressions that he uses:

The boozer

Name and Shame

A bloodbath

The bandwagon

The fans are thick (Sue replies that he has probably “put his finger on it”)

One of the people in the background says “I couldn’t agree more”. What does this mean? Does the person agree or disagree?

  • If there are other expressions or language points that you need help with, please post your questions in the Comments section and we’ll answer you with a full explanation.

This is a podcast for language learners and although the english-podcast team support anti-racism,  the views of Dave and Victoria are entirely their own. 

The podcast was recorded by Zoom so the sound is unstable at times.




Animated Podcast Number 2: Calculate your Carbon Footprint (How green are you?)

Animated Podcast Number 2: Calculate your Carbon Footprint (How green are you?)

So what’s an animated podcast ?

Good question !

It’s a podcast with pictures, learning tips and clues. In short, it’s just a helping hand to help you understand the conversation and the context.

This is Animated Podcast number 2 in a series of 10, in which each one has a specific focus and gets progressively more challenging. 

The second one, Calculate your Carbon Footprint, is a conversation around the World Wildlife Quiz which asks lots of How questions; how many, how much, how far, how big etc.

Who is it designed for ?

It’s a perfect opportunity for new learners (pre-intermediate) to focus on adverbs of frequency to talk about everyday actions and activities, and also learn everyday vocabulary.

It’s a great way for Intermediate learners to consolidate knowledge.

Enjoy and Welcome to the English Podcasts Youtube Channel  !

Click here  to access the Youtube Channel


All about tea

All about tea

Tea is probably the favourite drink across the world, but do you know about tea?

Do you know the phrases and expressions related to tea?

In this podcast we chat about the noble drink that the British (amongst others) adore.

Ever heard of, “A storm in a teacup?”

A mug of builders?

A cuppa?

A cup of Rosy Lee?

Listen to Chris & Sue reveal all about tea…


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