French  Fun Facts

French Fun Facts

Have you ever been to France and even spent a few days in Paris? It’s a beautiful country, with stunning countryside and intriguing cities. In this quiz we go beyond the traditional tourists visits to seek out some “off the wall” fun facts.`

Quiz: French Fun Facts

Ozzie slang

Ozzie slang

Oz lingo PDFAs part of the Australian series, this podcast takes you into the world of real Ozzie slang…. in other words, Australian informal language.

The Ozzies are well known for shortening words, it’s part of their charm !

Even leading politicans have their names shortened; Scott Morison, the Prime Minister from 2018 to 2022 was known as Sco Mo, and the current PM, Anthony Albanese is known as Albo!

Listen as Laura tests Sue on her knowledge (or rather lack of knowledge !) about Ozzie slang.

See if you can find the Ozzie slang word for these words. For an extra challenge they are not in the order mentioned in the podcast :).

A petrol service station – A barbecue  – breakfast – a swimming costume – sunglasses –

a sandwich – the middle of nowhere- the afternoon – a biscuit – an ambulance – the plural of you

– a beer – definitely – a chicken – a department store called Woolworth – a dangerous jellyfish

a place to buy alcoholic drinks – to be devastated – a well known white wine – a sausage.

Download this Resource Sheet to help you remember the vocabulary: Ozzie slang PDF.

As a language learner, listen to how Sue asks questions when asking for clarification.



Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

Are you superstitious ? Do you avoid walking under ladders ? Do you often cross your fingers ? Do you have any special rituals which bring you good luck ? Or do you think it’s just plain silly to let yourself be ruled by such irrational behavior?

Many people think that Friday the 13th is unlucky and indeed this fear even has a name: Triskaidekaphobia.

People who suffer from this phobia radically adapt their behavior, they don’t fly, don’t drive, don’t make any important decisions on that day.

But many other people believe that Friday the 13th is lucky. They buy lottery tickets, cross their fingers and believe in their good fortune.

There is no real scientific data to say one way or the other…. it just depends on how you look at life.

In this quiz we look at many other superstitions from all other the world. You may find them incredible, silly, irrational, contradictory or true ….. but whichever opinion you have, you’ll certainly learn some great vocabulary and that can only be a good thing !!

Friday the 13th Superstition Quiz

This quiz is full of great everyday vocabulary. We can't promise that you'll be lucky enough to come into money, but if you are superstitious, or not, you will certainly learn a lot and increase your vocabulary bank !

Cross your fingers and click on the start button.....Good Luck !!

Covid-19 series part 3: History of Eyam Plague Village

Covid-19 series part 3: History of Eyam Plague Village

In this podcast Chris and Sue talk about a lockdown situation that took place in the 17th century in a village called Eyam which is located in north Derbyshire.

Back then the situation was very serious and the majority of the villagers lost their lives to the plague. Of course we are absolutely not living through a plague situation but some of the social distancing measures that the villagers undertook may seem familiar today.

What did you understand from the conversation?

Where is Eyam?

When was the outbreak of the plague?

How did it start ?

What did the villagers do?

Who encouraged them in to stay put and not leave the village?

How did the villagers get food?

How did they “sanitize” their money?

What other “social distancing measures” did they have ?

What were the symptoms of the plague?

What is the village like now ?

What numbers did you pick up ? What do they refer to?

Vocabulary check: listen out for these unfamiliar words :

fleas – cloth – boils – cysts – vicar – burials – grave digger – contagious disease – quirky – quaint – picturesque 

These pictures will help you to visualize the story.


7 Riddles that will trick your brain

7 Riddles that will trick your brain

7 Riddles that will trick your brain

7 Riddles that will trick your brain

7 Riddles that will trick your brain – riddles and puzzles are a great way of doing thinking exercises.

Here is one to get you warmed up and in the mode of thinking laterally.

Happy New Year in a Parallel Universe

Happy New Year in a Parallel Universe

It’s New Year’s eve 2020 or is it 2021?

Chris meets Sue at a New Year’s party, but once again they are in a parallel universe – this happens so often to these two …

Sue is at 31 December 2019 and Chris is at 31 December 2020, so Chris has lived through 2020 and it is all to come for Sue.

Sue is all excited about the coming year with lots of plans and projects that she can’t wait to start, but Chris, who has lived through 2020, thinks that it may turn out a little different to what she wants.

Listen out for the following expressions :

To fit something in

To be on the cards

To cut down on something

To be likely

To be unlikely

To look forward to something.

What about?

Fancy dress party.

A fist bump.

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