Help my workplace is stressing me out

Help my workplace is stressing me out

The workplace is a very demanding, quick-paced and increasingly uncertain place in which we operate on a day-to-day basis, but does it always have to be a stressful place?.

Pressure to meet deadlines, deliverables and working with difficult people, among other factors, puts modern employees under unreasonable amounts of stress.

In fact, being constantly stressed out is so universal that many people have accepted it as unpleasant, but a way of life – it has become the norm.

While a certain amount of stress is acceptable and can actually be beneficial for you—keeping you alert and focused, helping you cope well with challenges—beyond a certain acceptable limit, stress is nothing but bad for you, if it is not channelled and managed.

Not only does it affect your mental stability but also your health, relationships, productivity at work, and overall quality of life.

People are different, so we all react differently to the same set of circumstances; something that one person may find stressful, another may regard as only mildly challenging or even normal.

How you tolerate and respond to stress depends not only on the particularities of your situation but also on what type of person you are; your natural inclinations, beliefs and behaviors.

In this podcast we look at some of the ways that workplace stress impacts people and we look at :

  • Stress trends in the 21st century
  • What stress looks like in the workplace
  • The effects of stress
  • The cost of stress
  • Is your workplace causing you stress?
How was the Covid jab for you ?

How was the Covid jab for you ?

The Covid vaccinations are being rolled out across the world and whether you agree with the vaccine or not,  the vocabulary is worth knowing.

Listen as Joyce in the UK talks about her experience. She gives a step by step account of what she had to do and how she feels about it.

Listen out for key vocabulary:

a jab

an appointment

a dummy run

to register

ushers + to be ushered


a needle

a sore arm

side effects

a sticker 

As Joyce lives in the UK the call was recorded by Zoom, so you may hear some slight changes in sound level from time to time.

“Text me when you get home”.

“Text me when you get home”.

A great podcast that everyone can relate to…… safety on our streets.

The murder of Sarah Everard, a young women walking home in London, provoked an enormous reaction as hundreds of thousands of women in the UK and indeed  across the world came together to demand that not only do governments improve street safety but also that threatening attitudes towards women and girls change.  

We caught up with Victoria from Reading, London who explains why in the wake of this outpouring of emotion she set up an Instagram account which aims to highlight this issue and also bring likeminded people together. 


Why you shouldn’t have a Bucket List !

Why you shouldn’t have a Bucket List !

Bucket lists, bucket lists, bucket lists, it seems that everyone’s got one. There are hundreds and hundreds of bucket list suggestions on the internet. 

Are these lists inspiring or disheartening ? Are they a great way to broaden your horizons or the fastest way to hate your everyday life? 

Do you have a list of things you would like to do, places you would like to visit and experiences that would make your life complete ? 

Or do you think it’s just a shallow invention of social media sites, a way of showing off and deep down they make us dissatisfied with our everyday life ?

In this podcast Sue tries to convince Chris that bucket lists are unnecessary, unrealistic and predictable. Listen carefully to the reasons she gives. 

What’s your opinion ?


If you are making a bucket list try this personality quiz to see what should be on your list…. just don’t tell Sue !!


What should be top of your Bucket List

What should be top of your Bucket List

What should be top of your Bucket List

Everyone is talking about Bucket Lists !  But just what is a Bucket List ?

What should be top of your Bucket List? Quite simply it’s a wish list of things you would like to do ! These “things” can involve travel, culture, sport and even personal development. In fact anything that you dream of doing ! 

The standard internet Bucket List usually contains 100 activities…… that’s mind boggling !  So try this quiz which will guide you in the right direction to make a list best suited to your personality, and also give you an opportunity to learn some new vocabulary along the way…..but, hey, isn’t that already on your Bucket List ?  🙂

 SPEAKING: As a language learner these expressions could be useful:

I’ve already done that ….. I did it 3 years ago.

I could never do that….I would be afraid, I would be bored. 

That sounds fascinating, exciting, amazing, wonderful, terrifying, boring, mundane. 

 LISTENING: Don’t forget to practice your listening skills too. 

Click here to listen to Chris and Sue discussing their Buckets List.

Click here to hear what Etienne has to say about his Bucket List.

Click here here to hear what Henri, a new English learner, dreams of doing and see how Chris helps him to express his ideas.

But first, start here with the quiz.

What should be on your bucket list?

Are you sporty, cultural, an adrenalin addict, a romantic, a fun person, a traveller or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone? 

This quiz may inspire you start ticking off items on your own personal Bucket List.

Have fun !!!

Romantic Valentine’s song

Romantic Valentine’s song

On this special day learn the words to this global, romantic song, it has been downloaded, bought and used at weddings millions of times all over the word.

You can listen to the song before or after the quiz, alone, in class or with your sweetheart 🙂

Romantic song lyrics

Fill in the missing words.


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