Book Signing in Toulouse

Book Signing in Toulouse

Book signing in Toulouse

Book Signing in Toulouse

Book signing is popular because an author’s signature increases the value of books for collectors.

The author may add a short message to the reader, called a dedication, to each book, which may be personalized with the recipient’s name upon request.

A simple author’s signature without a dedication is typically more valuable to collectors (exceptions include inscriptions to persons of note, e.g., from Hemingway to Fitzgerald, or to persons of significance in the author’s life).

Sometimes an author will sign additional copies for future sale.

An additional advantage to authors for doing this is that once a book has been signed, it cannot be returned to the publisher for a refund.

Many authors today spend a great deal of time signing their books, and sign many thousands of copies.

For example, James Ellroy is known for signing every copy of the 65,000 strong first run of My Dark Places

Listen to Sue as she interviews people in a bookstore in Toulouse, where the author is signing copies of his book.

If you have written, or are writing a book, here are 35 ways to make your next book signing an event.

Musicians Who Died Young The 27 Club

Musicians Who Died Young The 27 Club

Musicians Who Died Young The 27 Club

There’s something spooky about the number 27.

Over the years, a large number of musicians have died at the young age of 27.

This is how the idea of the so-called 27 Club was born, a concept as glamorous as it is tragic.

These celebrities were taken too soon, often as a result of drug use and troubled lives, almost as if they were killed by the pressures of fame itself.

Now, they will remain forever young, forever 27.

Musicians who died at 27

13 Greatest Albums To Come From The 27 Club

Guitars on the beach with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple

Guitars on the beach with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple

Guitars on the beach with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple

Guitars on the beach with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple

DEEP PURPLE singer Ian Gillan joined thousands of guitarists at the Guitars On The Beach event in Lyme Regis, United Kingdom to perform the band’s classic song “Smoke On The Water”.

Organizers were hoping to draw more than the 2,267 guitarists that appeared at last year’s record-breaking event.

As of mid-June, more than 3,000 guitarists had already signed up for the event.

The musicians were given the chance to play along to a number of songs, with the three main ones being Buddy Holly‘s “Rave On”STATUS QUO‘s “Rocking All Over the World”, and “Smoke On The Water”.

Gillan contacted the organizers and asked them if he could to appear at the gig. He wrote in a letter: “I hear you might be doing ‘Smoke’ with the massed guitars, and if that is the case, I thought I’d offer my services if you need a singer.”

Geoff Baker, who has organized the event, told the Dorset Echo back in June: “My jaw hit the floor.

“This is sensational news. Ian‘s involvement will take Guitars On The Beach to an entirely different level. Everybody involved is thrilled and blown away by his hugely generous offer.”

He added: “Clearly ‘Smoke On The Water’ will now be the main event for many.

“It’s the classic guitar riff and not difficult to play. Massed guitar bands in America, Germany, Canada and Poland have all had a crack at the world record playing ‘Smoke’ — but none of them has ever been led by Ian Gillan before.

“This is going to be amazing, and many more people will now want to take part.

“It’s quite something to write home about, that you once played with Ian Gillan in a band with thousands of guitarists.

‘Smoke On The Water’ was recently voted the greatest guitar riff ever written, it is universally popular and it is anybody’s guess how many will join the band now.”
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