EFL Hacks to learn English

We all need a little help from time to time, especially with shortcuts or good advice – a tip, an astuce or a hack…

At English Podcasts, we were thinking about the best tips to learn English – or perhaps any language – and we decided that the best people to give some ideas and hacks for learning English were the real English learners.

We asked people what their EFL Hacks to learn English were and this is what they replied.

If you want to participate by giving some of your hacks, perhaps things that may not have occurred to us, then send a comment below.

We are also working on episode 2 of EFL Hacks to learn English so if you would like to record your hacks and send them to us, please do.

Please keep your sound files in either .mp3 or .mp4 versions and we will edit and compile it and send you a mail when the podcast is published.

English Podcasts

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