When giving a series of instructions to make or produce something there are some common, useful and simple language features, used for clarity and simplicity.

In this podcast we use the example of explaining a process for how to make something following a set of clear steps to demonstrate this.

Common features when describing a process or to how to do something, is the use of the imperative and linking words.

The imperative form is made by using the bare infinitive of the verb (the infinitive without ‘to’).

Here are some examples from the podcast.

The imperatives are in bold type.

Take a capsule ….”

Check that the tank is full… “

Press the button…”

Open the front of the machine … “

Hold the button … “

Explaining a process

When giving a series of instructions it’s more natural in speech and writing to join the different instructions together with linking words.

There are many different linking words that can be used to describe a series of instructions that make up parts of a process.

Some very simple, but commonly used ones are and, then, after that, before that, in the meantime, now etc.

Here are some examples from the podcast.

go to the X machine …

in the meantime what you can do …

now you need to take a capsule …


Can you figure out what they are trying to make?

If you would like to see the Animated Podcast version click here.

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