Whatever your view of guns, this podcast will fascinate you.

Sue, as a European, listens in amazement to Cindy as she describes her everyday life living with guns in the USA. 

Cindy recounts why she needs to own a gun, how she practices and how the constitution allows American citizens to carry an arm (and shoot) for their own protection.

As a language learner, listen out for Cindy’s southern American accent and American English vocabulary such as “purse”, “pants” and “packing”.

Try to answer these questions:

  1. What do the background checks consist of?
  2. How many guns does Cindy own?
  3. Where does she keep her gun?
  4. Where do many women keep their gun?
  5. How (and when) does she practice shooting?
  6. Why does she feel the need to have a gun with her?
  7. What is “Open” and “Conceal” carry?
  8. What does Cindy say about bullets?
  9. What does she say about a recent hold up in her local supermarket?
  10. What does she say about Shoot Unseen ?
  11. What does Cindy explain about the American constitution?

In this podcast, the team at english-podcasts has no intention to pass any opinion, bias or judgement on the subject, and we thank Cindy for her personal account of gun use and general attitudes. 



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