Ahead of the Climate crisis meeting with world leaders, COP26 in Glasgow in October 2021, Chris talks to Renu, who lives in India, about how India is going green.

Air pollution in India is a serious health issue, of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, 21 were in India in 2019, but are things getting better?

The Indian government has pledged to eliminate all single use plastics by 2022 – they have one year to go – but just how are they doing?

India generates 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste every day – that sounds a lot, right? But, just what does that figure mean?

It is the weight of 9,000 Asian elephants – every day!

88 Boeing 747 jets – every day!

Of this 10,746 tonnes is uncollected plastic waste and 66% of this waste is generated by 60 cities and 50% of this waste comes from 5 cities :Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi.

This all sounds alarming, and it is, but India is the 15th biggest polluter in the world

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