London Tube or Paris Metro which is best?

In this podcast Chris and Sue compare their favourite underground systems; London and Paris. Sue loves the London underground whereas Chris is a fan of the Paris metro. Why, Why, Why ???

Listen as they attempt to prove which one is the best with the most interesting facts Google could provide ! Be ready for the challenge of numbers, numbers, numbers as Chris and Sue try to show off their knowledge of the underground systems and try to catch each other out with tricky questions!

Before listening take this opportunity to review how we compare facts.

Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives
Long Longer than The longest
Easy Easier than The easiest
Comfortable More comfortable than The most comfortable

You will also hear the comparatives/superlatives of these adjectives: old – fast – expensive – deep – short – far – complicated

Also listen out for the adjectives and the nouns used in this conversation especially when Chris and Sue ask each other questions:

Long The length
Deep The depth
High The height
Wide The width

How long is the system? How many stations are there ? How deep is the deepest tunnel? How far is the station? How long does it take to travel through the entire system? How old is the metro?

What is the depth of the deepest station? What is the length of the distance between….

Here are some more facts on the London Tube and The Paris Métro


Which is best - The London Tube or The Paris Métro?

The Paris Métro
16 Vote
The London Tube
10 Vote


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