The English language is constantly changing, growing and expanding with over 1,000 new words added to dictionaries this year.

The English language is alive and well ! 

All on-line dictionaries monitor the number of times words are looked up and they also respond to spikes of interest following news events so that they can provide up to date definitions. For example, the very old fashioned word DOTARD spiked in September and the totally new term GIG ECONOMY spiked in the UK in March following a government review of this new type of working environment. 

The world is moving fast and so is the English language. Many of the new words, terms and expressions reflect the way we live now, so check out  our quiz with the words PHOTOBOMB, HIVE MIND, KITTEN FISHING, MILKSHAKE DUCK and many more to be at the cutting edge of the English language. 


Welcome to your New words of 2017

Test your knowledge, or just guess (!), of what these new words of 2017 can mean.


The word of the year for the Oxford Dictionary was YOUTHQUAKE. What did it refer to?

1 out of 10


According to the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary one of the most looked up words of 2017 was DOTARD after Kim Jong Un called Donald Trump such a thing. What is the closest definition of this old fashioned word ( which probably shows that the North Koreans are using out of date dictionaries)?

2 out of 10

The word KITTEN FISHING became popular in 2017. When would you use it ?

3 out of 10


The noun UNICORN was used frequently in 2017 in quite a different way to it's original meaning. What is it now being used to describe ?

4 out of 10


Many of the new words which become popular now refer to new technology, so what could a LINKSTER be? 

5 out of 10


A trendy new expression is INSTA (adjective and verb). What is it short for?

6 out of 10


All on-line dictionaries included MILKSHAKE DUCK on their shortlist of new words. What on earth could this mean?  

7 out of 10


A word which has been around for a few years now but finally made it into the dictionary in 2017 was PHOTOBOMB (verb). What does it mean?

8 out of 10


The term HIVE MIND, first used in 1958 to describe the behavior of insects, has started to be widely used and a new definition has been added to dictionaries. What is the pejorative meaning of this term ?

9 out of 10


The GIG ECONOMY is a sign of the times. What does it actually mean?

10 out of 10

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