We are nearing the end of the season and it’s hotting up between two great teams: Toulouse (our favourite) and La Rochelle.

Listen as you’ll hear how both teams made it to the final and how they are also in excellent positions in the French Top 14 league.

Listen out for typical English expressions we use when talking about sport. Give yourself a pat on the back when you hear them !!

How do you account for the zero?  How do you explain the zero ?

To weigh up the opponents. Toulouse often starts slowly because they weigh up the opponents, they try to suss them out, they try to figure them out.

To be over the hill.     Is Max Médard too old?

Cheslin Kolbe is a game changer, he has a huge impact on the game.

However, he did look a bit winded at times, he looked out of breath following a hard tackle.

Who would you put money on ? Who do you think will win?

On paper Toulouse look stronger, in theory they look the better team.

Toulouse have their eye firmly on the European Cup, it is their main objective.

In the final no team will run away with it, it will be a very close match.

Learning tip: practice your number skills by making a note of all the scores Chris mentions, it’s pretty fast, just like the game !

So who do you think will win ? Toulouse or La Rochelle. In the comments below let us know and why, we would love to know your opinion.




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