The Awesome EFL PodBlog News Quiz of 2018

Have you kept up to date with the news this year? Can you recall what happened back in January and February? Or even back in August ? Or last month ?

Try this quiz which will test your memory and also help you with useful vocabulary.


But before you start the quiz, take a moment to recall what has happened in these spheres: 

Brexit: What is it all about? Who resigned? What are the problems?

Sport: What were the major sporting events this year? Soccer? Olympics? Cycling? 

Music: What were the hits of this year? Which singers and musicians died this year?

World leaders making history: Who met and when? What was on the agenda? 

The Environment: Were there any major hurricanes, droughts, storms, floods?

The Animal World: Were any animals in danger this year?

Technology and Science: Were there any major breakthroughs this year?

Record breakers: Did you hear of any crazy records being broken?

Sure, so many things have happened this year and this quiz deals with only 25 of them. If you have other ideas, why not make your own quiz !


The Awesome EFL PodBlog Words of the Year Quiz 2018

Try your hand at these questions to test your memory of news events during 2018 and pay attention to the vocabulary in capital letters. 




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