The Huge Music Intros Quiz – a fitting way to end 2018 with a mega quiz that you can play with friends and family.

A hundred well-know and less well-know intros of popular songs to test the most ardent music fans.

Think you know music?

Then try our quiz – we are sure it’s going to test you.

A very special guest has agreed to talk about the EFL PodBlog team and our quiz too, which was a bonus for us.

How quickly can you name a piece of music when it starts playing? Within the first minute? How about after the first few notes? Welcome to the ultimate EFLPodBlog intros quiz…

How well do you know your music?

Well enough to name a piece after just hearing the introduction?

Just like in pub quizzes everywhere, we’ve put together the ultimate intros quiz.

Test your knowledge below – and let us know how you get on!

If you would like the answers to the quiz, then leave a comment below and we’ll see what we can do 😉

Above, all, we hope that you enjoy it!

We all love quizzes, right? But why do we love them so much?

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our culture has developed an insatiable desire for new quiz formats and different types of gaming,’ said Glenn Wilson, a psychologist at the University of London.

‘People now feel they are entitled to their 15 minutes of fame and that, combined with the current get-rich-quick attitude, means the idea of appearing on television to compete for these huge cash prizes is appealing to our society like never before.’

We must specify, that there are no prizes for this quiz, just a huge amount of kudos to those that get at least 80% of the answers correct.

Enjoy this quiz? Try this quiz out

PS – the introduction interview is just meant as a bit of fun – we are totally non-political



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