Top 14 Rugby Wash-Up Number 5

This week we talk about the Top 14 day 3 matches took place, which were catch-up matches for matches that were cancelled due to Covid-19 and look back at the third round of The 6 Nations tournament

In a week where Toulouse play La Rochelle at La Rochelle, where La Rochelle haven’t been beaten by any team for 2 years.

Toulouse are 2nd and La Rochelle hold the top spot in the Top 14 as we go into this week’s matches – will the order change or will La Rochelle strengthen their hold at the top?

Bayone are away to Toulon, after losing to Clermont 73 – 3, perhaps this is going to be a tough game for Bayonne…¬†

Listen to see what happened this weekend.

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Wash-up number 5

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