TV and movie junkie Quiz

Are you able to recognize a film or TV series just by looking at one of its filming locations ? Which images from TV and film stick in your mind ?

How observant are you ? Do you notice everything in films or do you just take going to the cinema as an opportunity to have a nice, cosy sleep ?

Try this quiz to find out.

Interestingly movie and TV tourism really exists because fans love to visit the iconic sites of their favorite series and films. Indeed it has been estimated that visits to a site can increase by over 30% if a popular TV series or movie is shot there. In 2012, Tourism Competitive Intelligence found that 40 million international tourists chose their destination because they’d seen a film in that particular location. Wow, that’s a lot of tourism. Take a look at these figues from the Champion Traveller website to see the effect of shooting a film or TV series on a city or country:

  • Harry Potter – 50% increase in tourism to all filming locations (in some cities/towns as much as 200%)
  • Frozen – 37% increase in tourism to Norway
  • The Beach – 22% increase to Thailand
  • Braveheart – 300% increase in tourism to Wallace Monument, Scotland
  • Mission Impossible 2 – 200% increase to Sydney National Park
  • Troy – 73% increase to Canakkale, Turkey

So which countries and sites would you like to visit to soak up the atmosphere of your favorite movie and TV series scenes ? 

1 Vote
Game of Thrones
0 Vote
House of cards
0 Vote
0 Vote
Sense 8
0 Vote
1 Vote
The crown
1 Vote
Peaky blinders
0 Vote
Lord of The rings
0 Vote
Stranger Things
0 Vote
Very bad trip
0 Vote
Breaking bad
0 Vote
Slumdog millionaire
0 Vote
Pirates of The Carribean
0 Vote
Harry Potter
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TV and movie junkie quiz

Can you name these  famous film and TV series just from their location ? Don't worry we will give you some clues and hints to help you.

If you are a language learner take the time to read the information in the answer and you will learn new vocabulary too !

If you are a language teacher before starting the quiz you could use just the clues/hints in a game to get your students guessing, thinking and brain storming new vocabulary.

Ready....Action !


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