The BIG Valentine's Day Trivia Quiz

How romantic are you?

Are you able to sweep your Valentine off of their feet with your charm or do your actions lead to you having a quiet cup of tea with the curtains drawn alone?

Test out your romantic prowess with our Valentin’s Boot Camp and see how your partner, or future partner, really sees you.

How will you do?

After doing this tongue-in-cheek quiz … you will know just how good your Valentine’s day is going to be…

Happy?  …. Sad? …. Don’t care? …

  • Do you need to stay at home, in a dark room with a cup of tea on Valentine’s night?
  • Do you have hope, but you still need to do a little work on your romantic side?
  •  Are a bit of a smooth operator? If so, Valentine’s day should go without a hitch for you.
  • Is your first name Romeo or Juliette? – happy Valentine’s day to you if it is!
  • Is any available person not safe on Valentine’s day with you on the loose!

Enough of this – let’s see how you do …

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