Very Bad Trip – Stephen

Ever had one of those trips where everything seems to be going wrong?

When even as you get into the airport, you just know that it’s not going to be your day?

If you think about for a moment, it’s probably quite a common thing.

I mean, we are herded through corridors, security and passport checks, set off our luggage, trusting that we will ever see it again, without a care in the world.

Then we join a shuffling queue, before being ushered up a shaky metal staircase or along something that resembles a metal caterpillar, and willing enter a metal tube that propels us at many hundreds of kilometers an hour through the sky at alarming heights.

Sometimes we are closer to snoring strangers than we would care to be, as well as microbes and bacteria that are sneezed and coughed into the confined airspace that would challenge even the mightiest antibiotics.

We then suck sweets to reduce the pressure in our ears, drink something and maybe eat something that we aren’t always sure of, before bumping along a specially-made tarmac road and then making our way along endless corridors, up and down steps to a carousel, where our luggage (if we are lucky) has amazingly arrived before us.

And we generally love all of this – all in the name of travel or holidays…

Listen to Susan talking to Stephen, whom she caught up with at the airport as he was preparing to take another flight.

Stephen talks about one particularly bad trip that he went on to a Greek island.

Before listening:

Think about the possible problems that could occur on a flight.

On this very bad trip – Stephen mentions some of the problems that he encountered.

After listening:

What was the main cause of the ordeals that they went though?

If you have had a very bad trip, why not tell others about it in the comments or send us a podcast and we’ll share it with our listeners.


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