Victoria – English Food Blogger

Susan caught up with Victoria – English Food Blogger, an enthusiastic food blogger from England who talks about her interests in food and blogging.

Victoria’s blog is available here for those that would like to read about her food and recipes.

Food blogging is a very popular subject, with bloggers from all over the world sharing their recipes and thoughts on food with an ever-growing audience of foodies.

If you are an enthusiastic cook or interested in food and would like to share your passion with others, have a look here at How to start a foodblog.

You don’t need to be an expert – just able to write and pass on your interests and enthusiasm with the world.

Here are some really interesting food blogs to read if you need to be inspired.

Before listening to the podcast, think about the following :

  1. What are food blogs about?
  2. Who writes food blogs?
  3. Why do people write food blogs?

After listening to Victoria – English Food Blogger, try to answer the following questions?

  1. How old is Victoria?
  2. How did she start doing her blog?
  3. What did Victoria study at university?
  4. Why did Victoria choose to write a food blog?
  5. What foods does Victoria mention?
  6. Who tests out Victoria’s recipes?
  7. Is it difficult to set up a food blog?
  8. Is setting up a food blog expensive?
  9. Who does Victoria primarily write her blog for?
  10. What tips does Victoria give for potential bloggers?

Victoria gives some tips for non-native English speakers who may wish to write a blog.

Do you have any tips for budding bloggers whose native language isn’t English?

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The rise of the food blogger is perhaps no surprise in a world trying to connect with the simple life.

Available to all who have access to a computer and the Internet, we are inspired to try local produce, to experiment with what’s in-season and to be conscious of what we are feeding ourselves and our families.

Nourishment comes from more than simply nutrients; it comes from appreciating the process.

But where do you find these bloggers?

How do you know where to look?

Have a look at the Top 100 Food Bloggers of 2015.

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