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Onwards and upwards is the way to go
We were EFLPodBlog - NOW we are English Podcasts

Times are changing

We are still carrying on doing more and better Vlogs, Blogs, Podcasts, Quizzes and learning materials, but we have a new home and we’d like to welcome you to it.

EFLPodBlog will no longer be maintained as we have moved all the furniture and fixtures and fitting here – to English Podcasts.

A much clearer name and a statement of intent.

Let’s carry on doing awesome things together, right here, right now!

Recent Stuff

UK Election night Lingo Bingo

UK Election night Lingo Bingo

On the 4th July 2024 the UK will hold a general election. It’s always an exciting night and we will certainly be watching all night. But whatever your political  views it’s always interesting to watch and you’ll probably hear the usual bunch of expressions that typically come out of the mouths of TV journalists and politicians. So, first listen to the podcast to understand what these expression mean, and then on election night have fun with this Lingo Bingo card and tick off the expressions when you hear them.

English Podcasts

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