We have changed ...

Onwards and upwards is the way to go
We were EFLPodBlog - NOW we are English Podcasts

Times are changing

We are still carrying on doing more and better Vlogs, Blogs, Podcasts, Quizzes and learning materials, but we have a new home and we’d like to welcome you to it.

EFLPodBlog will no longer be maintained as we have moved all the furniture and fixtures and fitting here – to English Podcasts.

A much clearer name and a statement of intent.

Let’s carry on doing awesome things together, right here, right now!

Recent Stuff

What is the best thing to read ?

What is the best thing to read ?

Which books are the best for building vocabulary and consolidating sentence structure comprehension? Take a listen to this podcast which is brimming over with tips about Graded Readers.

Food Hell

Food Hell

Food Hell, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten? Why don’t you like it ? Is it the taste, the texture, the smell or just the idea of it? Listen to our choices, do you think they are cultural or universal choices? This podcast is a great way to build vocabulary to express likes and dislikes about food.

Winter Sports quiz

Winter Sports quiz

Winter Sports quiz How much do you know about winter sports? This quiz is a perfect way to build vocabulary about snow, ice, and all things cold ! You'll be surprised by some of the answers.... enjoy, and wrap up warm 🙂  

English Podcasts

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