Who invented the umbrella?

Why is the Mona Lisa so famous and why was Pol Pot in Cambodia?

Why do people love quizzes?

How many flies does it take to fall off a horse and what does Albert Einstein have in common with Justin Bieber?

These questions and many more are probed as to how they were invented, why they became so popular or why they can be thought provoking.

Why do people love quizzes?

It’s a tough question but one that we’ll take on in this podcast.

If you’ve spent any time in the UK, you’ve no doubt noticed that the Brits are a nation that loves to test themselves.

Say what you want about them, but they love a little competition and as for the rest of you, well…we love to make fun at how terrible you are at organizing your lives (I’m looking at you, Americans!).

Not only do quizzes make a lot of people’s Facebook feeds a little less bland, but these tiny bits of entertainment also serve an essential purpose: Nobody ever finished a Buzzfeed or Snapchat quiz without recalling some old memory from their life just to answer the question at the end.

Test your own memory with this quiz!

Quizzes are commonly categorized as being a fun activity to participate in, but why have they become so popular?

Does this mean that people only take quizzes to test their knowledge and have nothing else to do in the time they use them?

Why aren’t people learning facts in other ways?

Is it purely for entertainment, or is there more beyond the internal appeal of taking a quiz?

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