Welcome to your Words of the Week Quiz 31st August 2017

Update your knowledge of current vocabulary with this quiz which will test your comprehension of words you may have seen in the news this week.

Weather: Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc in Houston this week. How would you describe the problem in this picture.

Sport: The US Tennis Open is taking place this week. There was a shock result when Maria Sharapova beat the 3rd seed, Simona Halep. What  does SEED mean in this context.

History: This week saw the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death in Paris. Princes William and Harry and have spoken about her funeral. What does the word FUNERAL mean? 

Science: This picture was taken during the solar eclipse. What is a solar eclipse?

Literature: One of the best selling books this summer is The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. What does the word TALE mean?


Politics : Many demonstrators took part in an "anti-free speech" rally in Boston this week. Find the synonym for the word demonstrators.

Entertainment: A white British actor turned down the role of Major Ben Daimio in the movie Hellboy because he objected to  “whitewashing”. What does this new word mean ?

Health: Following an accident on a railway line French doctors were able to successfully reattach 2 severed upper limbs to the unfortunate patient. Which parts of the body does the word LIMB refer to?


Economy: The currency market is experiencing big changes at the moment. One headline on BBC website said that "The Euro rises to an 18-month high against the dollar". What is a synonym for the verb RISE.

Technology: Customer data was stolen from Cex, a second hand video games store based in the UK. The company “urged customers to change their password”. Which sentence best reflects the same meaning?

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