Do you know the expression “a photo is worth a thousand words ? Well, with amateur photography this is not always the case…..

Are you sometimes disappointed with your photos ? When we visit great places we want to capture the moment on our phone cameras or with a “traditional” camera….. and then we say “well, the photo doesn’t do the place justice” and we end up deleting the photo !!!!!!

In this podcast Chris gives some tips to Sue (who is definitely in the “disappointed/delete” category) about how to make her snaps come alive !

Chris knows what he is talking about and sometimes it sounds a bit too technical to Sue, but see if you can hear what he says about:

Putting the settings on manual

Eye level photos

Social media feedback

Framing the photo

Shutter speed



Light sightings

White balance

Deep of field 

Grid for straight photos

The Rule of thirds

ND filters 


What does Chris say about the 365 challenge he took part in ?


This picture may help you with some of the vocabulary.



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