20 Bizarre Christmas Traditions From Around The World

20 Bizarre Christmas Traditions From Around The World – Enjoying Christmas traditions with family is a must every year although not all families do things the same.

From KFC in Japan to tying your mother up to a chair in exchange for presents to feeding a log of wood we take a look at 20 bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world.

Christmas is mostly about celebrations, gift-giving and merry-making.

There are so many different elements that contribute to the celebration that we have come to know as Christmas: tucking into the Christmas feast of Christmas pudding and turkey, hanging up stockings and leaving out mince pies and a drink for Santa, opening presents under the Christmas trees, and having a great time with family and friends.

At least, that’s what the common notion of Christmas is to most of us.

But in some parts of the world, you may find strange and bizarre traditions and customs that would raise an eyebrow or two.

Here are some of the strange things people around the world do for Christmas in the name of celebration.

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