So what’s an animated podcast ?

Good question !

It’s a podcast with pictures, learning tips and clues. In short, it’s just a helping hand to help you understand the conversation and the context.

This is Animated Podcast number 3 in a series of 10, in which each one has a specific focus and gets progressively more challenging. 

The third one, Spelling Names in English, is a great way to learn the alphabet in a useful and imaginative way. The alphabet is always tricky in a new language and this podcast with pictures can help clear the fog.

Who is it designed for ?

It’s a perfect opportunity for new learners (pre-intermediate) to focus on letters of the alphabet, looking at tricky vowels and learning at natural pace.

It’s a great way for Intermediate learners to consolidate knowledge.

Enjoy and Welcome to the English Podcasts Youtube Channel  !

Click here to access the Youtube Channel

English Podcasts

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