Are you an amazing English teacher?

Are you an amazing English teacher? Try this quiz, which is mostly meant for fun, but could also be an occasion to look at the way that you – if you are a teacher do your job and to look honestly at what you do and your motivation for doing things in your job.

If you’re a teacher or interested in becoming one, you should probably know the characteristics of an amazing teacher.

Do you remember your favorite teachers when you were at school? I know I can!

I can remember at least 3 of my favourite teachers and they all had a few things in common that made them the best teachers I’ve ever had.

If you are not a teacher, think about how your teacher might answer the questions and answer for them.

The results may or not be surprising, but the best way to look at this topic is to answer the questions honestly and NOT as you would like to be.

30 questions to really get to look at what you are doing on a daily basis with your learners.


Are you a good teacher?

Do you consider yourself to be a bad English teacher? On the other hand, do you consider yourself to be a good English teacher? Now let’s not beat ourselves up about this one, instead let’s look at the qualities that go into making a good teacher : Try this quiz to see how you good a teacher you are - answer as you are really, not how you would like to be.

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