Would your table manners shock the world?

Would your table manners shock the world?

Discover global cultures through this table etiquette quiz.

As a language learner you will come across really useful vocabulary which we sometimes overlook when learning a new language.

Also the quiz will get you thinking about different cultures and our relationship with food.

Bon appétit !!

Would your table manners shock the world?

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In most restaurants in the world we TIP at the end of the meal. What do you think is the original meaning of the word tip?

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Keeping in the theme about tipping, in which country is a 20% tip expected?

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Asking Polite questions in English

However, in some countries tipping is considered an insult, where is this the case?

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10 Killer Questions Emmanuel

Seasoning is an important part of the meal, but in which country should you never ask for more salt or pepper?

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If you are offered a cup of ‘cafezinho’ (‘black coffee’), accept it unless you have a good reason to refuse. In this country, coffee is a symbol of hospitality and is widely consumed.

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In which country, it is advised to slurp away when eating noodles with chopsticks?

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In this country, no one is permitted to take a bite until the oldest person has started eating — a custom that’s viewed as a sign of great respect.

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When dining in Thailand, what should you do with your fork?

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In many restaurants around the world the waiter asks you to test the wine before pouring it to other guests. Why?

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During a formal dinner in Britain, how should you break the break?

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In which culture is it impolite to leave your chopsticks sticking upright in a bowl of rice?

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In which country, using a knife and fork to eat a taco, would make you look like a snob.

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In which country, eating with your hand is part of the culture and you should only eat with you right hand?

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In France when you clink glasses in "cheers", what should you do or else people consider that you're very rude?

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In which country is it considered rude to refuse a second helping?

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What is considered the correct way to eat peas in the UK?

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In France - the word pourboire means a tip - what does it directly translate to? 

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In which culture is it customary to offer a toast before taking the first sip of a beverage?

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In which country is it acceptable to place or hands on the table but ever your elbows?

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In this country, burping after a meal is not considered rude. In fact, it indicates to your host or the chef that you enjoyed your meal.

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Can you name the food?

In many countries, finishing your meal is a sign you enjoyed it - but in which country should you never finish your whole plate (it accuses the host of being stingy with the food)?

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In which culture is it customary to say "bon appétit" or its equivalent before starting a meal?

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Try this quiz to whet your taste buds, expand your general knowledge and your English vocabulary.

You may not know the answer immediately so try to consider which answer options are probable, likely, possible, highly unlikely or just a joke !

Enjoy and Bon Appétit. 


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Could you pass the French Citizenship Test ?

Could you pass the French Citizenship Test ?

More than 100,000 people are granted French nationality every year.  This represents around 2.5% of foreigners living in the country and is well above the number in Germany (1,5 %) and Italy (2 %), but way under the UK (4,2 %) and Spain (5,2 %).

Since the Brexit referendum in 2016 many Brits living in France have applied for French nationality.

Before 2015, 386 British residents in France applied for French nationality. The year after the number rose to 1,363 and in 2018 it was 3173.

Why would they do this ? What are the benefits compared to permanent resident status ?

Well, having voting rights is a very important difference, as is the freedom to travel freely in the European Union. Other people have also mentioned being able to avoid long queues at airports and a greater sense of stability.

But it’s a long road to achieving nationality:

Firstly, getting a slot for the interview is difficult as the interviews are limited. Then you have to wait at least a year for the actual interview. In the meantime you have to gather together many financial and personal  documents getting copies and translations.

During the actual interview the documents will be scruperously checked, you’ll be asked questions about your motivation and some questions about France…. some easy, some not so easy.  

So how much do you know about France ? Enough to pass the citizenship test ? Try this quiz to find out !

Could you pass the test to gain French nationality?

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This quiz starts with the most frequently asked questions which most people could answer, and then it gets progressively more difficult with questions which people who have read the citizenship booklet should be able to answer,  and  then it finishes up with some really tricky questions that will really stump you ..... Bonne chance !!

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