Welcome to The Brainy Global News Challenge Monday 31st July to 6th August 2017

We all keep an ear on the news but can you really recollect last week's events?

Try this quiz which goes beyond the headlines and will test just how brainy you are !

Environment: This week we were told that we had used up the global ecological resources that nature can regenerate in a year. What day of the week did Earth Overshoot Day occur?

Politics: Anthony Scaramucci, "The Mooch",  the White House Communications Director kissed us goodbye just 10 days into the job. How many people has Donald Trump sacked since taking office 8 months ago?

Geography: Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, carried out his last official duty this week at the age of 96. When he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947 he was given the title Duke of Edinburgh. Where is Edinburgh? 

Arithmetic: The Brazilian footballer Neymar became the most expensive footballer when he was sold from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain for a price of  222 million euros. It is said that he will earn 868, 389 euros  a week. The tax rate for high earners in France is 45%. Assuming his accountants don't do any "creative accounting" how much tax will he pay in a year.

Vocabulary: The Olympic Committee announced that the 2024 games will be held in Paris and the 2028 games will be held in Los Angeles. The Olympics take place every 4 years. What is this time period known as?

Economy: Venezuela is going through a period of political unrest and this is reflected in the state of the economy, as inflation is soaring (there are no official figures but experts say that inflation is running at 700%). Using the Bloomberg Café Con Leche Index, in January of this year a cup of coffee cost around 450 Venezuelan Bolivar. How much would it cost you, as of 6th August, to enjoy a cup of coffee in a Caracas coffee shop now.

Diplomacy: The Russians said that they will expel 755 American diplomatic workers by the end of the month. Back in the days of the Cold War the Americans and the Russians would exchange spies at the mid point of a bridge which became known as the Bridge of Spies. Where was this bridge exactly?  

History: This week in Europe the blockbuster film is Dunkerque, a movie about an event it the second world war. Following this event in 1940 the expression "Dunkirk spirit" entered the English language. What does it refer to?

Nature: A Giant Panda in Paris gave birth to 2 cubs this week but unfortunately only one survived bringing the total number of cubs born in captivity  to 4 this year. What is the WWF classification for the Giant Panda now?

Vexillology: Usain Bolt ran his last individual 100m in the World Athletics Championships in London. He came third but still ran a lap of honour draped in his country's flag. Can you recognize his flag which represents Strength, Sunshine and Fields?

     B       C       D  

Equality: The Netherlands won the Women's European Football Championship, the Euros, in front of an estimated television audience of 5 million. The first Men's European Football Championship took place in 1960. How long have women had their own  championship? 

Yes, this really happened: This week 7 priests walked into a pub in Cardiff and were refused drinks. Why was this?
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