My bucket list – Mylène

Listen to Mylène talking about what she has on her bucket list. 

She also says that her bucket list changes through time, as she achieves some of the things on her bucket list, other things are added, so it becomes a lifelong journey.

A list of activities someone wants to do before he or she dies is often called a bucket list, because it is a list of things a person wants to do before they “kick the bucket” – which is a slang term for to die’.

From kick the bucket (to die) + list, hence a “list of things to do before you die”.

The term was coined by American and British screenwriter Justin Zackham in his screenplay for the 2007 film The Bucket List.

Zackham had created his own list called “Justin’s List of Things to Do Before I Kick the Bucket” which he then shortened to “Justin’s Bucket List”.

The first item on his list was to have a screenplay produced at a major Hollywood studio.

After a time, it occurred to him that the notion of a “bucket list” could itself be fodder for a film, so he wrote a screenplay about two dying men racing to complete their own bucket lists with the time they had left. Articles about the movie are the earliest known uses.

A bucket list is a great way to stay focused on the things that you really want to achieve in your life and is a way of setting goals for all those things that we really want to do or aim for – before it is too late.

To find out more, listen to this podcast about what a bucket list really is, and if you are looking for inspiration for your own bucket list, have a listen to this podcast with 20 Unusual Bucket List Ideas. More ideas for your Bucket List.

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