04, March, 2024

Episode 205: Christmas, Red Bikini and BBQ

Do you dream of Christmas sitting by a log fire, or by a beautiful sunny beach ? Listen to this podcast to get both sides of the story. 

Australia is known for it’s informal lifestyle and Christmas is no different. So, how does this sound to you…. Christmas on the beach with a red Santa hat, a beer and a barbecue? Well, this is how people in Sydney, Australia celebrate Christmas Day. They don’t have snow or fireside drinks but they make up for it with the typical Aussie party spirit. Listen to the podcast to find out more. The podcast was recorded via Zoom, so the sound is not always stable.



But even though Christmas  is a special holiday and a precious time spent with friends and family for many. Most of us spend Christmas hoping for snow and wearing ugly Chritmas jumpers, in Sydney they trade that for red bikinis and trunks. 

Would you miss your Christmas turkey ? In Sydney, they don’t ! Let us know in the comments what your Holiday lunch is, you can even leave us your recipes.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays


Recap & Takeaways

Listen out for these words:

It’s packed  – I’ve scrapped the Christmas tree  – I miss the food (grammar construction)

To get a feel for Bondi Christmas Day check out this popular TV show, Bondi Rescue. Real Aussi fun and a real Aussi accent ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM3qegyZHys

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