Covid-19 series part 1: Adapting to life in lockdown

Since the beginning of the year we have all been living in strange times. First we watched on TV as the COVID-19 virus took hold in China and then as the weeks went by the virus crept into the Middle East, Europe, the USA and has now affected almost every country on the planet.

New words have become part of our every day vocabulary: lockdown, quarantine, social distancing, self isolation.

How can we cope with this new (hopefully temporary) way of living? What is the effect on your working day, on your socializing and the way you get your groceries? 

Do you feel the restrictions are hard for you or are you taking advantage of the time at home to learn new things, get things done around the house and enjoy the family.

In this series of podcasts and video links we will chat with people all over the globe (thanks to the COVID technology boom !) to find out how we are coping on an individual level and also take a look at the differences between countries.

In this first podcast you can hear Chris and Sue talking about how lockdown is affecting them.  


Try this quiz to test your comprehension

COVID-19: Vocabulary quiz

Chris and Sue speak very naturally and use a lot of expressions. Test your understanding of their conversation.

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