04, March, 2024

Episode 207: Greetings and goodbyes in English

Greetings and goodbyes in English are the first and last things you say in a conversation, so getting it right is essential.

In this short, podcast, we introduce you to some ways of saying hello to people you meet for the first time and some ways of gretting and saying goodbye to people that you know.



Sometimes we are not always sure of how to greet strangers or people we haven’t met before.

In this podcast we look at typical ways to greet people we know or those that we meet for the first time.

Listen in to find out more.


Recap & Takeaways

It is essential that we get it right. We look at ways of feeling at ease meeting people for the first time and ways to say hello and goodbye to people we know – friends, family and aquaintances.

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