This is the second in our series retracing the history of Toulouse through the names of streets.

Here we wander down some 11th and 12th century streets that tell a story of the past of Toulouse – how people earned a living and how some became very rich. We discover some fairly unknown facts about the trades of Toulouse in the past – did you know that dice were made in Toulouse?

We uncover the site of a religious site dating to the 5th century BC and the place where a famous singer lived and wrote songs about Toulouse in the 20th century. Come with us as we discover the textile trades that were thriving in Toulouse and that no longer exist as history comes alive before our very eyes.

Enjoy the city’s lively atmosphere. It’s a very hip, young area with a surprising number of bars, cafes, boutiques and galleries. The Carmes district is full of cafés, bars restaurants and speciality shops. The neighborhood is characterized by many narrow, beautiful streets and colorful houses.

One of the liveliest cities in France, Toulouse has become a popular destination for many city lovers in recent years. A weekend in Toulouse is a must if you have a passion for architecture, colorful markets, French cuisine and chic boutiques!

Discover the hidden history of Toulouse in the streets.

Enjoying Toulouse means taking time to live. Stroll the bustling streets for shopping, stroll through the markets that come in all flavors and colours, or just linger in traditional French cafes…the vibe here reflects the Southern personality: authentic, friendly and welcoming. Toulouse is also very good at welcoming tourists and offering them the opportunity to sit around a table and enjoy local specialties (foie gras, duck, sausages, Cassoulet, wine and cheese…).

Explore the city’s architecture and ancient landmarks.

It is a sprawling modern city with an ancient heart, the center of which is the Place du Capitole. It’s an eclectic mix of young and old and has more of a feeling of a group of local villages than one of the biggest cities in France – no wonder Toulouse is consistently voted as one of the best places to live in France and we just love it.

   Develop your listening skills by watching the video.

   After reading the text, try this quiz to test your comprehension of the words highlighted in bold print, and learn words which often used in tourist guide books.

Streets of Toulouse (2) Build vocabulary

After reading the text, try this quiz to test your comprehension and learn new vocabulary which is often used in tourist guide books.

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