History of Food QUIZ

Do you know the origins of your favorite foods ? Have you ever wondered where your favourite foods came from? You’d be surprised to discover the origins behind some of the most popular foods in the world. Have you thought about the origins of the hamburger, sandwich, French baguette or even the more fancy desserts?This quiz will really surprise you !

Many of the recipes and staple foods that we enjoy are the result of social change, economic consequences or sometimes just plain “happy” mistakes.

Many dishes that we think come from one country, either do not originate there, or are served in a completely different manner. Some things that we consider to be extremely popular in certain countries, or even believe are national dishes in certain places, may originate loosely in that country but are rarely eaten there.

Try this quiz, be prepared to be surprised ! 

History of Food Quiz

Try this quiz to whet your taste buds, expand your general knowledge and your English vocabulary.

You may not know the answer immediately so try to consider which answer options are probable, likely, possible, highly unlikely or just a joke !

Enjoy and Bon Appétit. 

Here at EFL Podblog we love to talk about food. So check out our series of food conversations which range from our favorite foods (intermediate level) to fancy high tech cooking (advanced level) to writing a food blog (pre-intermediate and intermediate level) . Enjoy and make a note of new vocabulary that you can use everyday !


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