How to help every child to fulfil their potential

How to help every child to fulfil their potential – ever wondered why kids say they’re bored at school, or why they stop trying when the work gets harder?

Educationalist Carol Dweck explains how the wrong kind of praise actually *harms* young people.

This short video is essential viewing for EVERYONE – from teachers and education workers to relatives and friends – and will totally revolutionise the way you interact with children.

Some parents jump to the conclusion that their child is gifted, that the work is too easy for them and that is why they are bored.

Other parents jump to the conclusion that it is the teaching methods or the teacher not presenting the material in a way that engages the learners. While both of these are valid assumptions, they’re not the only reasons children get bored in school.

Generally, some of the reasons that children get bored in school is because they are:


 Bright learners who don’t need a lot of instruction to master a skill or start out ahead of the rest of the class often complain of being bored at school. What they’re really telling you is they are not being challenged by the work in the classroom.

Learners who are under-challenged are not always gifted – there are specific qualifications for giftedness – but they are typically very capable and very smart. Surprisingly, these children don’t always appear that way. In fact, many under-challenged learners are sloppy in their work, don’t study much (though still get good grades) and tend to dash through their work without much in the way of editing or rechecking. 


Under-motivated learners often complain of being bored in school, but not because they already know what’s being taught. This complaint is different. Often “school is boring” is paired with “that’s why I don’t do the work” or “that’s why I don’t pay attention.” An under-motivatedlearner is not the same as a lazy learner.

In some cases, the lack of motivation is tied into a feeling that what they are learning isn’t personally important, that the learning process has no meaning for them and their lives.


Why is learning so hard?

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