How colorful is your language ? Do you want to sound like a native speaker ? Well in that case, you better start using expressions and idioms to make your English come alive !

Idioms are a fun part of language learning and apart from giving colour and interest to your conversation they also add humour and flair to your language skills. 

So tune in to this podcast and listen as we test each other with 15 expressions, you’ll hear that some we know well and some we don’t know at all. 

We all have specific expressions to where we live, what are your favorite idioms in your language? Let us know we’d love to hear them.

You can check your comprehension of the podcast with this great quiz.

Expressions Comprehension Quiz


You can also build your stock of idioms with this quiz about sporting idioms.

 Go the extra mile and listen to this podcast about expressions which William Shakespeare coined back in the 17th century and we still use today.

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