In a previous podcast Effective Presentation Skills we talked about warming up before doing a presentation or speaking in public.

But what does “warming up” actually involve ?

In this podcast Chris explains the importance of breathing and focus in order to reduce stress, and Sue gives some diction exercises which help with articulation and problem sounds for different nationalities.

These exercise are not intended to make you worry about a perfect English (British) accent but they are aimed at helping you move your mouth in certain ways to help you get the best pronunciation you can. 

Remember that as a non-native English speaker having an accent is quite normal but when speaking in a professional situation always try to speak clearly with a good beginning and a crisp ending to words. In more informal settings you don’t need to be so particular.

Here are the exercises:

1.Blue blood, black blood.    Black bug, blue bug.

2. Down the deep damp dark dank den,

3. Four furious friends fought for the phone,

4. Hotdog, Hamburger

In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire hurricanes hardly ever happen, 

5. Kiss her quick, kiss her quicker, kiss her quickest.

6. You know New York, You need New York, You know you need unique New York.

7. Pearls, please, pretty Penelope,   Pretty Penelope, pearls please

8. Sister Susie sat on the sea shore sewing shirts for sailors.

9. Where were you yesterday?

10. Red leather, yellow leather.   Red lorry, yellow lorry.

Take a listen:

To go further into the topic of presentations, take a listen to Effective Presentation Skills Episode 2.



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