Hervé Bellut, the creator of this self development board game, has had a varied and interesting career path.

His formal studies were in astrophysics, and as an aerospace engineer he went on to become interested in occupational stress in the workplace. This interest and development into Well Being  seemed a natural path to him because from a young age he had begun to learn yoga and in 1990 he became a yoga teacher and therapist.

Hervé uses meditation and yoga in his therapy sessions, training and workshops, in addition he has written books on the subject and is a frequent conference speaker.

From this experience, Hervé developed the “game” of INVITOSCOPE in order to help professionals in the workplace better understand their motivation, their path to creativity, their decision making process to reach fufillment and improve team building among colleagues.

French speakers would be interested to read “Les 7 invitations de l’Univers” which Hervé wrote in 2015 and is the foundation for his game INVITOSCOPE.








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