Learn English with Emmanuel Macron

Learn English with Emmanuel Macron can be seen in two ways : as a parody of Emmanuel Macron speaking English, or the way that it was intended, that is to help people get over their fear of speaking English.

We hear lots of people who are afraid of speaking English as they make mistakes and have a strong accent.

Well, we say, so what! If you do not dare to speak English because of this, you are missing out on so much – including not improving your English skills.

As you can see, Emmanuel Macron makes mistakes and he also has a strong French accent, but this does not stop him communicating well and getting his message across.

I cannot think of another French president who communicates so well in English – so Well Done M. Macron – we hope you inspire others to forget the small errors they make, go over the fact that they have an accent and just start communicating, and most of all, enjoying speaking English.

And remember – If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning!

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