Oz lingo PDFAs part of the Australian series, this podcast takes you into the world of real Ozzie slang…. in other words, Australian informal language.

The Ozzies are well known for shortening words, it’s part of their charm !

Even leading politicans have their names shortened; Scott Morison, the Prime Minister from 2018 to 2022 was known as Sco Mo, and the current PM, Anthony Albanese is known as Albo!

Listen as Laura tests Sue on her knowledge (or rather lack of knowledge !) about Ozzie slang.

See if you can find the Ozzie slang word for these words. For an extra challenge they are not in the order mentioned in the podcast :).

A petrol service station – A barbecue  – breakfast – a swimming costume – sunglasses –

a sandwich – the middle of nowhere- the afternoon – a biscuit – an ambulance – the plural of you

– a beer – definitely – a chicken – a department store called Woolworth – a dangerous jellyfish

a place to buy alcoholic drinks – to be devastated – a well known white wine – a sausage.

Download this Resource Sheet to help you remember the vocabulary: Ozzie slang PDF.

As a language learner, listen to how Sue asks questions when asking for clarification.



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