Sergeant Podblog investigates The Oil Mystery Episode 2

Sergeant Podblog investigates The Oil Mystery Episode 2 – in a series of 4 podcasts where Sergeant Podblog investigates the case of the oil smuggling ring and its boss, who murdered Inspector Whatsisname in cold blood.

Sergeant Podblog investigates The oil Mystery Episode 2 – Sergeant Podblog is called in to solve the case of The murder of Inspector Whatsisname, whose body was found at the foot of Cheddar Gorge, stabbed with a note with the names of three suspects in his hand.

The suspects are :

Suzie, a marketing manager in a frozen snack food company in London.

Reg, the gardner of Lady Sarah Thingymajig from Somerset and Bess who works in sales.

Inspector Whatsisname was just days away from solving the mystery of an international oil smuggling ring, when he met his fate, murdered in cold blood.

No weapon was ever found, but the grammar police, headed by the brilliant detective Sergeant Podblog, have three suspects to interview.

In this second episode, of a four part series, Sergeant Podblog interviews Bess, who turns out to have a habit of making simple mistakes, but does this mean that she could be the murderer?

There was a Bedouin dagger found in her office Рwas this the murder weapon?

Listen and see if you can spot the mistakes.

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